Whatcha washing your fruits and veggies with?

Did you happen to see what fruit and veggies landed in EWGs dirty dozen this year? ⚠️ 1. Strawberries 🍓 - 1/3 of samples taken contained 10 or more kinds of pesticides 2. Spinach 🥗- 97% of samples contained pesticides, including Permethrin, a neurotoxin insecticide. Also the same ingredient in lice/scabies treatments. 😳

3.Nectarines 🍑- 94% of samples contained two or more kinds of pesticides

4. Apples 🍎 - 90% of all samples contained pesticides and 80% contained Diphenylamine. A pesticides banned in other countries.

5. Grapes 🍇

6. Peaches 🍑 7.

Cherries 🍒 8.

Pears 🍐

9. Tomatoes

🍅 10. Celery

11. Potatoes 🥔

12. Bell PepperS🌶

You can visit the EWG website to read more of the details about each. Eating organic is best but either way we should all be cleaning our fruits and veggies before we consume. Pesticides and insecticides cause a wide range of issues from the short term like nausea and headaches, to long term like cancer, reproductive and endocrine issues. ⚠️

Thieves fruit and veggie soak (they also make a convenient on the go spray) is so easy to use. Just throw all your new produce in the sink with Thieves Fruit & Veggie soak and let your goodies soak. Then rinse and your done! You’ll be shocked to see the nasties that come off! As you soak your fruits and veggies, it effectively cleans with the power of three exclusive essential oil blends—DiGize, Thieves, and Purification combined with other naturally derived ingredients used to effectively remove dirt, wax and other surface impurities.

I love knowing that my fruit and veggies are getting cleaned. I use to just rinse them off because the alternative of washing them in vinegar and baking soda was a pain!

Now I just fill the sink or a bowl with water and splash some of my cleaner in and a minute after just rinse and eat. 🤩 Soooo easy!

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