Summer Infused Water recipes

Are you a lover of drinking infused water?  This is something that I’ve been intentionally doing for a while now, and I am loving the benefits and deliciousness!  

It is so refreshing and tasty, which makes me want to drink more water…win-win!  

These fruit infused waters are just what I needed to keep my goal of drinking more water and getting hydrated...don’t they look like summer in a jar?!

Here are some of my favorite benefits of drinking infused water that you might not have thought about!

1.  You drink more water!  Which in turn could lead to…

– Helps flush toxins from your system.

– Makes skin appear more youthful and hydrated.

– Better immune system.

– Reduces headaches.

– Increased natural energy.

2.  Increases your antioxidants and vitamin intake. The fruit is full of antioxidants and vitamins that transfer to your water. An added bonus:  when you increase your water and antioxidants intake, your body is more receptive to healthy foods that contain even more vitamins and antioxidants!

3.  Helps cut back on unhealthy drinks. – Your body is about 80% water.  Often we think other fluids we are drink sufficient, but it is not what our bodies need.  Drinking more water will increase your energy itself!  So when you are properly hydrated, you won’t need that extra cup of coffee or energy drink.

Here are a few healthy tips for staying hydrated during the hazy, hot and humid days of summer.

* Keep a water bottle close by.

* Skip sugary drinks. Water is the best source for hydration.

* Drink a glass of water before each meal. 

* Hydrate before, during, and after sweating it out at the gym.

* Refresh your water with a burst of flavor, enjoy every sip!

Whether you are looking for the perfect poolside beverage, hosting a summer party or just want to stay hydrated, I guarantee you will love each one of these recipes.

Summer Squeeze

Ingredients: Strawberry, Lemon, Mint

Toast the warm weather with this minty, berry (and sugar-free!) twist on lemonade.

Sun-Kissed Apricot & Berries

Ingredients: Apricot, Raspberry, Mint

Soak up the sun with a mix of apricots, raspberries and mint.

Citrus Burst

Ingredients: Orange, Lime

Enjoy a juicy blend of two Vitamin C superstars—orange and lime.

Pink Hawaiian

Ingredients: Strawberry, Pineapple

Say aloha to a blend of sweet strawberries and juicy island pineapple.

Life’s a Breeze

Ingredients: Kiwi, Orange

This blend of kiwi and orange is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a sweltering day.

Blue Crush

Ingredients: Orange, Blueberry, Mint

Catch a wave with a blend of blueberries, orange and mint.

Color Me Happy

Ingredients: Strawberry, Lime

A little sweet, a little sour, a little perfect. Ok, a lot perfect.

So I encourage you to grab your favorite summery fruits and herbs, get that water infused, and drink up this summer!  

For 30 more Hydration Recipes be sure to download our Healthy Hydration Bonus E-Book! Just click on the image below!

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