Picnic Inspiration with Printable Checklist

I'm super excited to share this blog because I love picnics. We always have a picnic bag ready with essentials for when the mood strikes. 

Sometimes you want to have a picnic, but the weather doesn’t cooperate, so for that reason, I want to encourage you to prep ahead, there are many sunny days ahead, so download the VH+Co picnic checklist and be ready to go outside. 

Tip-> Keep our checklist in your picnic basket to restock items for the next time.

Pick your picnic

When we take a hike to find a picnic spot we pack light. We live near the ocean, so we hike until we find a less rocky area to lay our blankets down. But it’s worth the longer walk, because the views are spectacular and its easier to picnic on flat land!

When we picnic at the park, we load the car a bit more, it almost looks like we are going camping. We often take games, bubbles and balls- so that we can take advantage of the green space and work off some energy!

To host a picnic party at home set up picnic blankets with all the essentials on each blanket to make each guest feel relaxed. Pillows and seat cushions look beautiful and make the whole experience more comfortable. Also, remember that wood crates work great as tables.

Sometimes, we picnic on our porch and enjoy the sun setting over the ocean.

Pack your picnic

A must-have picnic item for alot of people is a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to pack a bottle opener and the shatter-proof cups! Often times these items will come with a picnic backpack - be sure to find a picnic backpack or basket that fits your needs.

Keep meals simple and easy to eat. Since you will be hanging out for a while pack water, cheese, nuts, frui t, salami, bread, crackers, or salads and don’t forget the sweets. For this particular picnic party, we love to treat the family to strawberry shortcake, but on hikes, we bring one bar of gourmet chocolate to share with each other! 

If you are local to Massachusetts and want to make your picnic super easy, be sure to order from Ali at Olive and Fig. This sweet and delicious small business located in North Reading offers custom charcuterie boards and grazing tables for all of your special occasions. Sometimes its easier to order a beautiful food arrangement and take the stress off of yourself!

Picnic Ambiance

If you are planning a romantic picnic, don't forget candles are the ultimate in lighting for romance. Their soft flickering light can turn the most mudane setting into a beautiful spot.

There are so many different styles to use. Round, long, tall or narrow.

Be sure to watch out for the wind when choosing a candle style. Tall thin candles are not suitable for use outdoors as they more easily affected by the wind and can easily topple on uneven surfaces.

Tea lights can be set all around the picnic area to make a romantic glow.

If you are staying at home and would rather not light candles, grab your diffuser and diffuse any of our Sunshine+Happiness essential oil blends during your picnic.

And don't forget......

Something that we always remember is bug spray- whether picnicking in your backyard, in the woods or at the beach, bugs are almost always present. Pack our all natural Backyard Patio roller bottle or spray; it truly is the perfect compliment to your picnic bag!

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